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04.07.2017 (Kleine) Stärkung der Grundrechte in Europa
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Empowering human rights civil society to act and grow in Europe

Als Mitglied der Fundamental Rights Platform (FRA) dokumentiert Aktion Freiheit statt Angst regelmäßig deren Veröffentlichungen, wenn sie unsere Themen betreffen. Heute möchten wir auf 2 Themen hinweisen.

  • The Agency presented its work in the area of human rights and civil society space during the European Economic and Social Committee's (EESC) Civil Society Days 2017.
    In discussions on empowering civil society to act and grow in Europe', FRA highlighted five areas of concern as identified in its data collection and consultation with civil society. These included the regulatory environment for civil society, access to funding, access to decision-making processes, creating a safe and enabling environment, and the capacity of civil society organisations.
    The event took place in Brussels from 26 to 27 July. Ahead of the conference, FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty gave an interview on 'EU civil society at a crossroads'.
  • Vor 10 Tagen haben in der FRA Wahlen zum Ratgebenden Panel stattgefunden:
    We would like to inform you about the outcomes of the elections to the FRP Advisory Panel, which took place by electronic vote on 21-22 June 2017. 464 organisations were eligible to vote, out of which 204 voted. There were 42 eligible candidates. The following six candidates received the highest number of votes, and have accepted their vote (in alphabetical order):
    - BADA Rosa, Red Acoge Federation
    - GUDIÑA CANICOBA, Ángel, Don Bosco International
    - HADAD Nadia, European Disability Forum
    - McGOWAN Iverna, Amnesty International
    - MUHAMMADI Yonous, Greek Forum of Refugees
    - TODD Zara, European Network On Independent Living

Bei den oben genannten Wahlen hatte Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V. für folgende KandidatInnen gestimmt:

  • BONDI Loretta, BeFree
  • GRÖGER Dr. Katharina, Austian League for Human Rights
  • MUHAMMADI Yonous, Greek Forum of Refugees

... und damit wenigstens einem unserer Kandidaten zum Erfolg verholfen.

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