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21.04.2020 KI soll über unsere Gesundheit wachen

Defence companies sense a new business field

After various suggestions for corona apps , "ideas" for disease control are also coming from other development directions. Even the block chain known from digital currencies is to be used to document the infestation of the population forgery-proof.

In the meantime, various arms companies have also jumped on this lucrative bandwagon. When shops and soon restaurants open again, there will be a need to measure body temperature as well as a stock of about 12 billion masks in Germany alone. Then people with a fever, who "could be possible corona-dangers", could be picked out.

These people would then be denied access to countries, cities or areas. This can also happen if someone clears his throat too often or coughs several times. AI software should then be able to distinguish between an accidental cough and a pathological cough - again, the machine decides about the person.

Telepolis reports, that Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, one of Israel's largest defense contractors, has developed a thermal camera that measures the body temperature of people walking through a door and gives the values to security personnel. It can also measure the temperature of each person individually in a group. In further development, it is conceivable that people with an elevated temperature at an airlock could be denied access if the temperature is measured using face recognition. A problem could then only arise if the people are masked with breathing masks.

And after the corona crisis? The manufacturers of the contactless temperature measurement system, which can be carried out within seconds, hope that temperature control will remain after the Conoravirus pandemic. As Matan Melamed of Iron-Drone says: "Everyone will feel safer with temperature measurement in the future." Oh, really... 

And the circle is already closing again, because if you then add data from people's fitness wristbands and smart watches to the temperature measurement, as the RKI-App "Corona-Data Donation" does, not only are possible dangers fished out, but you can also identify people with other conspicuous signs of illness and suggest treatment. On to the hygienisation of society ...

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Created: 2020-04-21 08:44:40
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