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16.04.2020 Trump sabotiert medizinische Hilfe für die Ärmsten

Strengthen multinational organizations!

Trump No 61: US President Trump has cut off the World Health Organization (WHO) in the middle of a worldwide pandemic! All his accusations are unfounded and are only intended to distract from his failures in recent weeks. The WHO is "incidentally" still active in many areas, especially in the poorer countries. This work is sabotaged and inequality is further increased.

The WHO's global polio vaccination programme may come to a standstill. Tens of thousands of people will die if the WHO has to stop its work.

Heads of State and Government are meeting to discuss the crisis -- let's send them an urgent call to save WHO and protect vulnerable people worldwide.

The world community must act in solidarity! The EU, China and Russia and other richer states must now act together and pillory Trump's inhuman policies. Not "America First" but discussing conflicts together, finding solutions and improving living conditions worldwide - that is what is needed today. The EU should immediately vouch for the money withheld by the USA and thus embarrass the US President. We are not even talking about hundreds of billions, as the EU has just released for Corona, but only about hundreds of millions.

The work of the WHO around the world is important - it saves lives every day!
Sign the petition to the heads of state and government!

Read more and sign petition

20200416 Trump sabotiert medizinische Hilfe für die Ärmsten

Die WHO ist zu mind. 80 % von Pharmalobbyisten okkupiert, das hat auch schon Monitor vor Jahren rausgefunden. Nix neues. Diese Institution iST NICHT UNABHÄNGIG. Ich sehe hier kein gutes Wirken. Ich bin irritiert dass FSA so für das Pharma-Konglomerat schreibt... Guckt euch doch mal die Haupt-Geldgeberder WHO an...

S., 17.04.2020 09:07

20200416 Trump sabotiert medizinische Hilfe für die Ärmsten

Trump is halting funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the middle of a global pandemic.
We've got to do what we can to safeguard fnding for public health! It's true that the WHO is in need of reform, but Trump’s decision to punish the organization isn't about that — it’s about politics and deflection from his own failings as a leader.

Wi., 21.04.2020 19:49

RE: 20200416 Trump sabotiert medizinische Hilfe für die Ärmsten

Hat mit Trump wenig zu tun, sondern damit, dass 'health care' dort meist mit dem Job kommt. Und geht.

Ha., 01.08.2020 01:15

RE: 20200416 Trump sabotiert medizinische Hilfe für die Ärmsten

Na Corona-Mismanagement und Obama-Care Zerstörung hat schon Einiges mit Trump zu tun. Sonst ist dort natürlich das ganze Gesundheitswesen ganz anders. UK und New Zealand sind bemerkenswert.

Ic., 01.08.2020 01:20

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Created: 2020-04-16 08:39:18
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